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I am a third year undergraduate studying for a B.A in English at John Moores University, Liverpool. I was only introduced to blogging recently as part of two modules I undertook during my second year. I helped to contribute to the Prison Voices website both as an author and on the design of the site. Having never worked with any CMS or even on a site before I set about learning how to manipulate the themes and CSS to create something matching the desired aesthetic of the site as well as fitting well with the topic. Following on from that work I was asked to help with the setup and design of this website as well as writing a guide to different blogging platforms and CMS systems. My guide will have simple step by step instructions on how to launch your own website on a domain you own, as well as information on different hosting and DNS providers. Feel free to contact me at

Guide to Blogging Platforms and CMS: Part 1 – Free Online Blogging Platforms

  When starting a blog the first choice you make is which free provider you want to use. The majority of new bloggers will choose between, Google's Blogger or a micro-blogging platform like Tumblr or Twitter. Choosing an online platform is useful as it enables you to create and publish content quickly and easily at … Continue Reading ››

Guide to Blogging Platforms and CMS: Intro

This guide will aim to help anyone unfamiliar with technology by showing them the many possibilities¬†available to someone new to the blogging. These range from using an online blogging platform to get started quickly and get your message out there to owning your own domain and using a hosting service to create a website that … Continue Reading ››