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Hello, I am a sessional tutor at Liverpool John Moores University where I teach on the English and Mass Communications degree programmes. I am Research Assistant on the Blogging Beyond the Classroom project, currently working with recent ‘Writing Lives’ English graduates to consider their various learning experiences as student bloggers, and beyond. I am also collating a bibliography of teaching and learning resources that focus on student blogging and the use of social media to enhance learning experiences. We would be delighted to hear from any teachers or students who use social media as part of their teaching and learning, or hear any suggestions of useful pedagogical links or resources. Please do feel free to contact me at:

Blogging and Peer Collaboration: Student Voices on the Mentorship Initiative

Following a successful bid to the Liverpool John Moores University's ‘Curriculum Enhancement’ scheme  funding was awarded to Helen Rogers and the English department to employ eight final-year English undergraduates to act as student mentors on the second-year module, ‘Prison Voices: Crime, Conviction and Confession, 1700-1900’. ‘Prison Voices’ introduces and extends student skills in online research … Continue Reading ››

Researching and Re-telling the Past: Blogging about Disability History

Providing an innovative, research-focused approach to nineteenth-century disability studies, undergraduate history students at Swansea University combine the use of archival resources with blogging to publicly disseminate their work. Here, Professor David Turner reflects on the multiple teaching and learning approaches to ‘Researching and Re-telling the Past’. By Prof. David Turner (Swansea University) Researching and Re-telling the Past … Continue Reading ››

Scoffing at Blogging: A Converted Public History Postgrad

By Emma Fleming Emma Fleming

When I sat in my first undergraduate seminar at university, the class was told that a learning diary was compulsory. I couldn’t have been more uninspired, unenthusiastic or determined not to produce a notebook filled with forced wishy-washy scribbles... Needless to say, after four … Continue Reading ››

Blogging the Archives: ‘The Writing Lives Project’

By Tawny Whitfield On Sunday 23rd November, Kim Edwards Keates and I were invited to give a presentation at Gladstone's Library Victorian Studies Colloquium. Our discussion shared Helen Rogers’ ‘Blogging Beyond the Classroom’ project, which is an online forum for students and tutors to exchange ideas about the use of blogging as a teaching and learning … Continue Reading ››

History and Social Media: Using Blogging Beyond the Classroom

Sharing the challenges and rewards of teaching and learning through blogging, the presentation above accompanied a paper jointly delivered by Kim Edwards Keates and student presenters Victoria Hoffman, Elliot McGaffney and Jade Barber at the University of Glasgow’s workshop on Blogging for Historians (26 September 2014). The paper also features an account of the LJMU ‘Change … Continue Reading ››

‘Blogging for Historians’: Writing Lives and Jack Goring

I am Victoria Hoffman and currently I’m studying for an MRes in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University. I started blogging as an undergraduate on Helen Rogers’ Level 6 module, ‘Writing Lives: A Collaborative Research Project on Working-Class Autobiography’. I saw ‘Writing Lives’ as a good introduction to conducting an independent … Continue Reading ››

“Blogging For Historians” Workshop at the University of Glasgow

Invited by the University of Glasgow to present at the 'Blogging for Historians' workshop (September 2014), LJMU students Jade Barber, Elliot McGaffney, and Victoria Hoffman shared their experiences of conducting original historical research by using online digital archives. Reflecting on the various experiences of publishing this work online via blogging and social media, they also … Continue Reading ››

Blogging Beyond the Classroom: Students as Active Partners in Research and Public Engagement

Showcasing the work of LJMU students on two undergraduate English modules – ‘Writing Lives’ and ‘Prison Voices’ – in which students create a public website to disseminate their research via blogs and social media, the Prezi above accompanied a paper jointly delivered by Helen Rogers and student presenters John England, … Continue Reading ››

Going Public: Blogging and Student Online Research

Developing a public website to promote their research blogs, English students on the second year ‘Prison Voices’  module at Liverpool John Moores University share their experiences – the challenges and rewards – as student researchers and bloggers.

Featuring extracts from the undergraduate Research Evaluations posted on the ‘Prison Lives’ website, the … Continue Reading ››