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Hello I teach English and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University. Blogging Beyond the Classroom comes out of two modules I teach where students research and share their blogs online. Writing Lives students write about working-class autobiographers at Prison Voices students blog about narratives of crime and punishment at I am learning about blogging with my students and enjoy exploring what can be done in this creative medium at my own blog on stories from a nineteenth-century prison My work with students builds on my experience of setting up a multi-author blog in 2010 - The Journal of Victorian Culture Online - as an interactive supplement to the academic Journal of Victorian Culture where I am one of the editors I hold a Teaching Development Grant from the Higher Education Academy to support the Blogging Beyond the Classroom project. You can follow me on twitter @HelenRogers19c and email me @

Digital Victorians

Paul Ward, Professor of History at the University of Huddersfield, outlines an imaginative new course – Digital Victorians - introducing second-year students to online technologies and learning in the real world and the digital world but also enabling Paul and his co-teachers to enhance their own digital skills. Please share your experience of developing … Continue Reading ››

Online learning helps students prepare for postgraduate research

Listen here to Cleo Chalk and John England talk about how online research and blogging for the Writing Lives website on working-class autobiography inspired them to go on to postgraduate study. (Scroll down to the second video - 3.45 mins). Cleo has started a fully-funded PhD on contemporary dystopian fiction at Lancaster University … Continue Reading ››

A Blogging Handbook

This is the Prison Voices Handbook, designed by Helen Rogers and student mentors as a 'go-to-guide' for students on the online research module Prison Voices: Crime, conviction and confession, 1700-1900, a second-year-undergraduate module in English at Liverpool John Moores University. Click Handbook for Prison Voices FINAL … Continue Reading ››

Teaching Digital Literacy and Academic Literacy

I am in the throes of revising a year-long second year undergraduate module, Prison Voices: Crime, Conviction and Confession, 1700-1900. Last year students worked towards two research blogs, designed for a public audience and published on the website we created I am tremendously proud their work has been well-received, with their research posts … Continue Reading ››

Student guidelines for using twitter

For two years I've been using twitter with students on two undergraduate modules:  my third year undergraduate module Writing Lives and my second year undergraduate module Prison Voices. While some students are more enthusiastic and confident in their use of social media than others, for most students it's been a revelation. … Continue Reading ››

Getting Started: Tips for Starting Student Blogging

I began blogging with students in January 2013 at on a new third year undergraduate module in the English department at Liverpool John Moores University. Writing Lives developed out of my involvement with a research collaboration to establish a digital archive of working-class autobiography, beginning with the memoirs at Brunel University Library … Continue Reading ››