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I am a third year student at Liverpool John Moores University, studying English. My interest in blogging was inspired through the Prison Voices module, available to second year students. I hope to continue blogging and support others in finding their own online voice! If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me at

How to Use Twitter/Facebook to Promote Your Posts and the Website

You may be under the impression that social media is only useful for sharing Saturday night’s photos and thoughts on the mundane but it can be an extremely useful advertising tool for your Prison Voices writing.twitter2

Through Twitter, quick fire messages can be … Continue Reading ››

How to Make Your Blog Eye-catching

So you have spent a semester compiling research together, you have written your blog post and now you need to upload it to WordPress. The old favourite of copy and paste is not enough; blogs need eye-catching images, carefully selected from relevant sources, in order to truly promote themselves … Continue Reading ››