Guide to Blogging Platforms and CMS: Intro

This guide will aim to help anyone unfamiliar with technology by showing them the many possibilities available to someone new to the blogging. These range from using an online blogging platform to get started quickly and get your message out there to owning your own domain and using a hosting service to create a website that can be customised to your needs.

There are three main options available to a prospective new blogger;

  1. Sign up to an online blog provider such as or Google Blogger.
  2. Buy a domain and use a hosting service and CMS to design and host your site
  3. Buy a domain and self host using a spare, always on, always internet facing, computer

You could also design and write your own website using HTML, CSS and php. This guide isn’t aimed at these people, however, as this is usually well beyond the abilities of the majority of bloggers including myself! This guide will aim to help the slightly more technophobic amongst us, especially those of us that just want to write about the amazing recipe they thought up and wanted to share, to get content online and available. Part one will follow soon!

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