Guiding Students to Good Websites & Resources for Research

Guiding students to high quality research websites rather leaving them to roam aimlessly around the world wide web via Google search can be a challenge. Getting students to recommend sites to each other may be one way of keeping them all on task – and on the right track! Here’s an example of the list Kimberley Athawes, Katrina Murray and Katy Pickersgill compiled for the Prison Voices website & second year undergraduate module at Liverpool John Moores University.


Starting research for any piece of academic work is a daunting prospect. The same question pops up over and over: ‘where do I even begin?’ Well, below are a list of some websites that we have found useful. It’s not so hard once you know where to look!


Prison Voices pic– Created by English students at Liverpool John Moore’s University, Prison Voices explores Crime, Conviction and Confession from 1700-1900.

writing lives  – Created by English students at Liverpool John Moore’s University, Writing Lives is a collaborative research project on working-class autobiographies.

Photo for Uselful Websites Page – A  library of more than 500 criminal broadsides that were sold to audiences who gathered to witness public executions in eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain.

The British Newspaper Archive – Partnered with the British library and brightsolid online they continue to publish pages from British newspapers, scanning back to the 1800’s.

Charles Dickens page – Dedicated to sharing the life of Charles Dickens and how he come about his writing.

Crime In The Community – A good resource written by a collection of guest bloggers using the Old Bailey Proceedings Online and London Lives websites.

Dickens Journals Online – This is a collection of Dickens journals online with original images.

Find My Past – An ancestry research website. User friendly and great starting point for all up and coming researchers.

Harvard Library – A selection of digital resources on a number of topics.

Old Bailey– A full loaded search engine detailing the texts of all criminal trials between 1674-1913

Oxford Journals – A historical journal bringing together the work of young historians and international scholars to come up with the most recent research on Britain’s history. – A journal about Spitalfields in London’s East End, written daily by an independent author.

wellcome library – One of the world’s major resources for the study of medical history.

Specifically for Images

3 – One of the world’s richest and most unique collections of images.

4 – The British Library’s Flikr account, where original image references are readily available.

5 – This BBC site has a large archive of art collections, along with descriptions of where each particular work is being displayed.


Specifically for blog posts about Convicts

1 – A community history database containing information on convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land – now Tasmania.

2 – A search database for convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land – now Tasmania.

5 – A collection of convict love tokens, explain the story behind the owners and their loved ones.

Convict Love Tokens – A collection of love tokens created by The National Museum of Australia. They have over 314 convict love tokens from around the globe.

– Original post on created by Katrina Murray

– Images searched for by Kim Athawes and Katy Pickersgill


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