Using Facebook in the Classroom

This is an example post on how Facebook could be used on a research based module. These are the guidelines we are giving Prison Voices students (

There are now over 1.23 billion monthly users on Facebook. Many of these users will automatically open the app multiple times over the course of one day – while on public transport, while waiting for friends and just before bed. The moment these users ‘follow’ a page, updates appear on the user’s timeline.

There are two Prison Voices communities on Facebook – one is a page and one is a group.

Prison Voices Page

Public Face of the Website



How will it be used?

This page is primarily for the public, or more specifically, our readers, therefore it is important to adopt a professional voice when posting. Every time you publish a blog post, you should advertise it on the Prison Voices page, including a link and a brief synopsis of the post. A picture will automatically be taken from your blog post. It is important that our Facebook page remains active, as an active Facebook page implies an active website that is worth looking at.

Who will use it?

This page will be used by our readers so that they get updates on their Facebook feed without having to check the website daily. Occasionally readers will post items of interest and we can then share it, however, these will not appear on our main page.

Who is our audience?

Our audience will most likely be people who have already shown an interest in Prison Voices. This is how we will connect with family, friends, other students, historians, literary academics and museums – all of whom are likely to use social media such as Facebook.

Prison Voices Group

Private Group for the Class



How will it be used?

This group will be used for LJMU Prison Voices students to share information or raise any issues they may have about the module. You can ask questions about the course itself, for example deadlines and room numbers, as well as share interesting information or secondary sources that you have found. It is a way for you to contact everyone on your course without having to add them all individually, or at all.

Who will use it?

This is an open group for LJMU Prison Voices students only. You will get notifications every time someone posts to the group.

Who is our audience?

The audience of the group will be the other students taking the module this academic year and the mentors but not staff. Only they will see and respond to your posts.

Tell us about how you use Facebook in the classroom in the comments below!

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