How to Use Twitter/Facebook to Promote Your Posts and the Website

You may be under the impression that social media is only useful for sharing Saturday night’s photos and thoughts on the mundane but it can be an extremely useful advertising tool for your Prison Voices writing.twitter2

Through Twitter, quick fire messages can be sent out at various times throughout the day, from students within the group. The use of the twitter name @prison_voices and our hashtag #prisonvoices creates publicity for our website and spreads the word about the work we do and links people to our other social media outlets. See below for an example of one of my own Tweets, advertising our Prison Voices writing:


It is important not to be selfish! Although you should be proud of your own work it essential to advertise other students’ writing and of course, re-tweet anything which could help your work reach a wider audience. See below for an example of when I was tweeted by Claire Horrocks who informed me that my work would be involved in the Dickens Quarterly Journal. Be sure to re-tweet your successes as again, it could help your writing gain further recognition.


In the past, blogs have been re-tweeted by The Dickens Quarterly, the Two Nerdy History Girls and many lecturers and historians at other universities. This has been one of the greatest successes of Prison Voices as the entire idea behind the project is to get student voices heard; to be re-tweeted by such reputable organisations is something which needs to be maintained and the only way to do that is to keep advertising!

Facebook is also useful in both a personal and professional sense, whilst on the Prison Voices module. There is an official Prison Voices Facebook page which can be used to advertise your own blogs and also as a smaller advert for the Twitter page (available at: In addition, Facebook groups can also be created by your research groups for academic support; they form a space in which research and ideas can be shared and queries can be resolved by other students.

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