Online learning helps students prepare for postgraduate research

Listen here to Cleo Chalk and John England talk about how online research and blogging for the Writing Lives website on working-class autobiography inspired them to go on to postgraduate study. (Scroll down to the second video – 3.45 mins).

Cleo has started a fully-funded PhD on contemporary dystopian fiction at Lancaster University and John is studying for an MA in Renaissance Literature at Liverpool University. Both continue to use social media to develop their research, academic networks and to communicate their work. Follow them on twitter @WhimsicalCleo and @John_England92.

You can read Cleo’s author blog on Harry West (born 1880) here and John’s author blog on Lottie Martin (1899-1976) here. Both contributed research to this joint blog on working-class friendship and this Radio 4 programme on 500 Years of Friendship.


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